Thursday, 31 December 2009


I've a habit of not buying new tec when it comes out.Besides I hardly use the stuff anyway apart from my pc.So after starting this new hobby I find that a camera would be useful so show figures etc.So I hope to be able to put some better pics up in the next few weeks when my late crimbo box comes through the post.

Happy New Year,red wine calling :)


Well I've still to work on the quality of the pics.CMP unit (RMC to the modern eye)11 to to in total.Two not started yet.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

For may proposed Royalist Scottish Unit. The tartan is known as the Hunting Rose.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


An example of the Royalist LDV's in North Yorkshire.This is the flag of the Royal Ryedale Defence Volunteers.
It carries the Union Flag with Crown Imperial on a red field (which is one of the Yorkshire Flag colours,not the nasty pale blue fake one you see in places today.The other colour is black based on the the Royal Battle Standard of Richard III)where sits the White Rose & White Boar of the House of York.

The boar however has an even older history in Yorkshire as was used as Legion symbol by the Roman Army.It and the Bull are both linked to the city of York through the 6th & 9th Legion's.

Yorkshire Royalist's Logo

After more than 20 years I've been bitten by the model bug again during the re-enactment closed season.So after looking at the 1800's and 1800's SF I stumbled onto the GWP and the VBCW page.

So begins the VBCW journey !!!