Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Winter in AVBCW North Yorkshire

After the assault from Anglican League things have returned to normal in the Royalist Yorkshire District North & Coastal Command.The troops prepare for a long and bitter winter in barracks.LDV's still holding a bitter hatred for those who came into their villages and killed their family members and friends.They grumble that their Regular army commanders haven't struck back before winter sets in.

But an assault on York itself is out of the question as far as Brigadier Sir John.R. Maynard Shaw is concerned.It would be against his prime orders of defence of the existing district and to hold as many troops in reserve for possible for future actions aswell as support on the Wall.

However his second in command Colonel Roger ‘Harry’ Ramsbottom and head of military intelligence was putting together a few plans of his own for the New Year.He has been meeting with the Earl of Mowbray(his former commanding officer in WWI) who has recently been appointed Commander of Northallerton and area under the Yorkshire District North & Coastal Command.A man who wants to 'secure' the area around his estates and eliminate threats from northern industrial areas.Besides this his Norwegian troops and his daughters cavalry unit were chomping at the bit for some action.

Ramsbottom wasn't going to get caught off guard again.Attack is the best form of defence after all.

While the LDV's,Regulars and 'Volunteers' gather round the fires plans are being drawn up.