Thursday, 25 August 2011

Operation Mitre Part 5 Run!

A mad dash for the boat now ensues with the Archbishops guard and Minster Grenadiers fearing to fire at long range in case they hit the Archbishop.But the Royalist's use grenades to slow down the AL troops.The sniper in the tree also reduces the numbers.

Operation Mitre Part 4 Rumbled

The capture team leaves the palace with the gagged Archbishop but a shot from the river guard alerts the guards at the palace and all hell breaks lose

Operation Mitre Part 3 All quiet

Still no response from the Minster Grenadiers on the front gate or roof on the building. The bladed menace moves to take out the other river guard.

Operation Mitre Part 2 Through the Gardens

The main group advance slowly using the night and vegetation to get closer to the Archbishop’s palace. Others position themselves to await patrolling guards with blades ready.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Operation Mitre Part 1-Boat Trip

(Ramsbottom's Raiders night time attack)

A misty night in the Vale of York is something to behold. You’re heard of a ‘Pea Souper’ but when the conditions are right you’ve lucky to find your way home. It was like this when a small pleasure craft with tarps on it slipped by the warehouses on the key on the river Ouse.Yorkist guards on the bridges didn’t know it was there as it drifted on the current of the river.

The occupants of the craft manoeuvred the rivers obstacles like men who knew the river. Down stream they started the engines again until they reached the last stretch of their journey. Then cut the motor and drifted to the side of the bank. The tarps are taken down and engine muffler removed.

Captain Quincannon without a sound gave his instructions. Six heavily armed balaclavared men moved silently up and over the bank.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

August Update

Way way back in April I had a plan for a game to start off a new angle on things in North Yorkshire.In fact the original idea to stir up the cosy setup goes back to the start of the year.

But with changes in re-enactment plans for things year including me having to pick up the reins of the group at short notice.So wargaming came second, so after months and months of waiting last Sunday saw a small but pivotal game.More of a RPG/Skirmish game than a pitched battle but needed (successful operation or failed)to give grounds for a major build up in fighting in the county.

So the pics and fluff are in my files now just to put together and publish so I apologise to those following the blog and very soon I hope to get normal coverage returned.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Milliput Madness !

'Very' early this morning I had a Milliput Madness moment and knocked up some sand/grain bags for a mortar,guard post and a HMG.For scale some unfinished Royalist commandos.North Star,Great War-Trench Raiders.

Contrary to a recent posting on a forum my Royalists haven't disappeared without a shot and I'm still fielding them ;) lol

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

New ideas

I haven't published anything for a while on AVBCW but while working on my VSF I've been thinking of a daring game involving Royalist commandos.More to follow ;)