Thursday, 9 August 2012

Recue the Archbishop. Part 4

Part 4
Well if you take steel pipes stick them together and fill them with explosives what do you expect to happen? On its first outing the “God’s Breath” blows up and takes its support crew with it and nearly the AL battle field HQ.

Mean while the DRU unit at the manner enter the Hall and fight room to room to find the Archbishop.

Billy knocks out another Vickers team from his van. The forces are near linking up at the hall entrance. But face a counter attack.

Meanwhile the main Royalist forces don’t know that commandos have reached the second floor of the main building and are feet away from their goal.
Time to go! The two senior Field Security Police (FSP) take the better part of valour and jump out of the window as the commandos burst into the room and show their heels.

The other HGM is knocked out but a massager speeds off on a motorbike to bring help from the nearest Royalist force at Crayke Castle. The AL have almost taken the village and LDV garrison.
The Archbishop is brought out and the signal given by a flare to withdraw before LDV re-enforcements arrive and more worryingly the Regular troops who are coming to escort the Archbishop to the Prison.
So now the AL return to York with their Archbiship having almost crushed Vale of York Rifles

What now happens in the war.Do the Yorkists break their unwritten rule and take on the Green Howards Regulars and shed fellow Yorkshire blood?Do they let the Church take all the glory?Or will this madness end as the word of Albert's troops landing on the Western coast of the island comes to their ears.

Do the Royalists take the gloves off and put York in their sights to punish the rebels.Is it time to give in to the Government demands and get tough with those who have committed High Treason against the true King?

Rescue the Archbishop.Part 3

Part 3
Warning pic heavy.

The MAG disembarks at the road block and support the column by foot at it heads towards Sutton Hall. Close quarters combat takes place but without support from the knock out pill box the Royalist LDV at the road block have little chance.

A unit of DRU assault a HGM position pinning down the HQ unit.

The Archbishops Guard and The Minster guard disembark under heavy fire from a HMG behind the parish church wall and the Royalist sniper in the church tower.

While all this is happening the “God's Breath” fires into the grounds of the Hall hitting some of the vehicles parked with in.