Sunday, 25 June 2017

First Hard Sci-Fi Building Project

I went to Sarissa Precision for my first hard Sci-Fi buildings. I wanted a "anywhere use" module look so they came at the top of the list online that would allow me my own look to them.

Precision is a bit of a cheek though as they took some work to fit together  until you get the hang of splitting the mdf tags in two to make them fit. Once this was done they were pretty easy o glue together. As I suspected the mdf "has a thirst" and I painted them by hand first with my trusty radiator paint with water to seal the panes on the sprues. This worked for the most but a few need another coat of spray before detailing.

Now I've had a play with the kits and future purchases will be more tailored to the projects at hand.

They will form settlements/labs etc for humans heading out into the great black unknown of the universe.

Most of the mini's for this are already bought.More than I originally planned ..... of cause I got carried away.

Now back to my VSF and its long list of jobs to finish.

Edited 17/09/17

A bit of the internal scatter and "shinny things"from Antenocitis Workshop and Blotz.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Time to wave goodbye AVBCW.Recent changing and a continued snapping at my heals from a few but one person in particular and take the fun and idea of a gentlemanly game which was one of the things that attracted me in the first place.

Something from the start were far fetched even for an alternative history game but in the spirit of good gamesmanship I accepted the premise.But things like regular British forces turning on the King after swearing their oaths was something I found hard to accept just because he married a bitter old Yank.Yes if they were ordered to fire on unarmed civilivains from their own area,that made more sense to rebel.

A lot of the problem is a lot (but not all) players seem not to be able to put themselves into the mind set of the 1930's soldier.Its not the army of WW2 but a small highly trained and diciplined loyal force.

I know the main reason to want to have rebel troops.Its so you have elites to win games.A very human thing,but and it its a big but for me its real regiments we are talking about here.Real men though not named and their honour we are playing with.I tried to explain this in a transcript published of a recored conversation between two senior British Army officers who were willing to prevent the deaths of civilians by firing on Government forces should the situation get out of hand.

Regular troops would not hold back on armed rebels against the lawful King (nothing in the game makes him unlawful in the law at the time)but are highly unlikely to be as deadly & ruthless as Government (BUF) troops.

The other main factor is the idea of local games.A very attractive idea to a local history buff.A gentlemans agreement seemed to of been reached on this,but one or two weren't happy.

Their motives can be only guessed at but they went ahead and invented political forces that didn't exist in the local area.Their long term goal to control great areas for ego I guess who knows or cares now?

Either way as a game it isn't worth the unpleasentness.I don't get enough time to game as it is so what little I do needs to be maximum fun.

A good idea to start with and if your into the bigger games no doubt still fun.

Thank you to the creators for the addictive fun of collecting,painting and research you've given.To that team and the vast majority of players thank you for your gentlemanly conduct and work to promote a game that I truly believe it has years and years of life in it.Thank you also to the bloggers who took an interest in my humble work.


NB New things that have been on the back,back,back burner will replace the current blog page.The sister VSF will remain and though I'm mainly been working of building and painting things now doubt this will get put up in time...........I hope ;)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Recue the Archbishop. Part 4

Part 4
Well if you take steel pipes stick them together and fill them with explosives what do you expect to happen? On its first outing the “God’s Breath” blows up and takes its support crew with it and nearly the AL battle field HQ.

Mean while the DRU unit at the manner enter the Hall and fight room to room to find the Archbishop.

Billy knocks out another Vickers team from his van. The forces are near linking up at the hall entrance. But face a counter attack.

Meanwhile the main Royalist forces don’t know that commandos have reached the second floor of the main building and are feet away from their goal.
Time to go! The two senior Field Security Police (FSP) take the better part of valour and jump out of the window as the commandos burst into the room and show their heels.

The other HGM is knocked out but a massager speeds off on a motorbike to bring help from the nearest Royalist force at Crayke Castle. The AL have almost taken the village and LDV garrison.
The Archbishop is brought out and the signal given by a flare to withdraw before LDV re-enforcements arrive and more worryingly the Regular troops who are coming to escort the Archbishop to the Prison.
So now the AL return to York with their Archbiship having almost crushed Vale of York Rifles

What now happens in the war.Do the Yorkists break their unwritten rule and take on the Green Howards Regulars and shed fellow Yorkshire blood?Do they let the Church take all the glory?Or will this madness end as the word of Albert's troops landing on the Western coast of the island comes to their ears.

Do the Royalists take the gloves off and put York in their sights to punish the rebels.Is it time to give in to the Government demands and get tough with those who have committed High Treason against the true King?

Rescue the Archbishop.Part 3

Part 3
Warning pic heavy.

The MAG disembarks at the road block and support the column by foot at it heads towards Sutton Hall. Close quarters combat takes place but without support from the knock out pill box the Royalist LDV at the road block have little chance.

A unit of DRU assault a HGM position pinning down the HQ unit.

The Archbishops Guard and The Minster guard disembark under heavy fire from a HMG behind the parish church wall and the Royalist sniper in the church tower.

While all this is happening the “God's Breath” fires into the grounds of the Hall hitting some of the vehicles parked with in.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rescue the Archbishop.Part 2

Part 2

The 1st Mobile Assault Group charge at high speed toward the road block and pill box. With both maxims blazing Billy Gill mounted on the roof of his van sends hot lead to the pill box.

On the East side of the village the Anglican League are brought  to a holt after running down the local LDV Royalists and are fired upon by a sniper on the Church tower.

The Mag break trough but lose a van. Some of the D.R.U. charge the LDV’s in yard of a farm labourers cottages over a hedge near a mine field.

Another detachment of D.R.U. led by their field commander Major D.Tennant assault across the fields direct into the Hall’s gardens.

Rescue the Archbishop! Part1

First the fluff.

Part 1

Agents report that the Archbishop is currently being held in Sutton Hall in Sutton of Forest by the Royalist Field Security Police (FSP) and all of the available Vale of York Rifles. But soon will be transported to Northallernton and then Catterick Garrison.

As the light of the morning touched the towers of York Minster the sounds of man and vehicles could be heard outside the Minster quarter. Troops running out of their barracks to waiting vans and trucks. White, Blue and Brown uniforms being squeezed in to these transports while the figures of the Dean of the Minster with his red beret and pith helmeted Major General Ambrose could be seen on the steps of the North Gate. Sounded my officers giving their orders for the day ahead.

Only one officer was missing the old armed French Colonel Jean Dulac Danjou who was in command the loading of the convoy. A man who only followed one order “Advance”! As soon as the last soldier was on board he blow a whistle. Ambrose looked up folded his map and calmly finished his speech “Gentlemen what we do today will justify all the work and sacrifice that our organisation has worked towards” “No one can say God is not with us this day” “Dismissed!”

At this the officers ran to their connivances and the Dean and the Major General took their seats. The convoy headed North as members of the public woken by the noise and confuse Yorkist Troops standing at the other side of the road in their zone of influence.

The village of Sutton of Forest-Sutton Hall.

The battle.

The forces of the Archbishop make their first assault on the village of Sutton on Forest from the South led by the 1st Mobile Assault Group supported by a foot detachment of the Dean’s Recognisance Unit. The mobile multi rocket launcher “God’s Breath” opens up aiming at the Hall’s compound.

From the East the Archbishop’s Guard and the Minster Grenadiers enter the village in postal vehicles and on foot.

Played earlier this year ,only now found the time to right up the ARR from notes and edit the pics.More will come over time.
[For purses of the game the low wall around the Hall is counted as the real wall of 15ft high and can not be fired over or climbed with ladders. Only artillery can travel over the wall. The game will end once the Archbishop is rescued  or after Royalist armoured support reaches the village.]

Monday, 11 June 2012

The News Breaks

The Lamb & Sword Archbishop Kidnapped! We live in some of the darkest days of our countries history but last night its darkest hour took place. Our beloved Archbishop was forcibly removed from his bed in the early hours from the Archbishops palace by fiendish devils. This Saintly man was roughly handled by a gang of Royalist criminals believed to be recently released from goal. Leaving by boat he was taken North into the evil clutches false Kings territory. Many brave men laid down their lives to defend the palace but these gangsters used the most caddish behaviour to fight our boys. The Dean with Major General Ambrose have pledged that the Archbishop will be returned unharmed within the week at all costs. All the forces of the Minster have been brought to alert and volunteers are flooding in as this news sheet goes to press. The People of York calls for Yorkist troops to join their brothers in arms to reinstate the honour of the city to be renewed. Senior officers have met with senior Yorkist officers to discus the Archbishops rescue. A statement from the Dean calls all able bodied men to sign up to the League ”I call all brothers in Christ to lend aid to free our beloved Archbishop”. “We shall bring Holy Retribution on the heads of these ungodly men”. This action can not go unpunished. All men of moral virtue must take up arms against these evil men. If you believe in God, in Justice and the Law join the Anglican League Now.” From our beloved The Most Revd and Rt. Hon the Lord Archbishop of York Liam Church calls all to join the Anglican League Now!