Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Possible long term project

Crayke Castle is the home of the Forest of Galtres Rangers one of my Royalist LDV's.It's a big job but would be a key target in any battle for the village in the heart of Royalist lands.

I can see the threat coming from the Anglian League to capture St.Cuthbert's for political and religious reasons not military.

Whether a locally raised force or a commando unit from Ripon,York or Durham who knows?But a reason to start a AL force in the Summer.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Roof Part 3

Houses with the 'finish' roof.I'm in two minds whether or not to use the very nice plastic sheets the trouble is they are slates not tiles.Maybe another Swiss Role lol

Roof Part 2

Well it's done.I'm not happy with it.After trying a darker red/rust paint it looked like a wooden roof.So I had to use the same paint as the brick work.I'm afraid it isn't enough of a contrast :(I'll add the odd darker tile to show a repair etc. but it will have to do.I'll post a pic with it on the house when I get back tonight.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Roof part 1

A pic from this morning.It's going slower than I had hoped for.If the glue doesn't set first it causes problems.The 'tiles' are strips of a Swiss Roll tray ;)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Roads today Roofs Tomorrow

I got carried away with roads today while fishing out suitable wood from the garage for AVBCW game boards today.Oh yes and a prep work for a WWI war memorial with statue.I've been surfing for ideas and I think the 'take a figure and paint him bronze and put him on a plinth' is going to be the way forward.

The roads are made from thick card approx 5mm,emery paper (yes emery paper)which gives it a ashfelt surface and a little bit of shop bought grass along the edges.

I'm coming to the conclusion I either need something solid for Catterick Garrison (I have some earth works etc) or Sutton Bank Airfield (which doesn't require a concrete runway ;),but needs a tower and hangers etc.) as well as villages/market towns in my zone.

So Roof's tomorrow,then if I don't get my Scots done by the end of next weekend it's a long walk into the woods with my revolver ;)

Friday, 12 March 2010

Next stage of Warbase Houses

Not finished as you can see.The main job is the roof.Thoses of you that follow Gentlemens Wargames Parlour website will know we are having a chat about tiles at the moment.I'm still going ahead this weekend with the cardboard option but it may get removed and replaced with plastic as suggested on GWP.

Extra info:
Paints for the red brick work.Two coats as the walls soak up alot of paint.Undercoat MODELMATES WEATHERING SPRAY DYE-RUSTY RED.Top coat RailMatch-1405 DARK RUST.

Figures to show scale are from left to right-two Renegade,Great War,Foundry and on the end Empress.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


The internet gods most of heard me as by magic I'm back on GWP?Anyway while putting my first Warbase house I've come to the conclusion that if wanting a brick affect it would be easier to paint or spray with light rust before you put the sections together.Put them on a flat surface spray and when dry glue together with PVA.This gives you access to the inside to incert your pre-paited doors and windows.I'm going to add platforms for figures as well with broken or open windows and a removeable roof if all goes well.

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Monday, 1 March 2010

Computers !

I've been having major computer problems which have prevented me from putting hobby time in and I wanted to finish my Scots before March aaaaarrrrrhhhhh!!!!!.I can't get onto the GWP site or even contact the admin :(

Two packs of warbases houses came today which cheered me up but when I'll get round to doing them .......only knows.