Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Winter in AVBCW North Yorkshire

After the assault from Anglican League things have returned to normal in the Royalist Yorkshire District North & Coastal Command.The troops prepare for a long and bitter winter in barracks.LDV's still holding a bitter hatred for those who came into their villages and killed their family members and friends.They grumble that their Regular army commanders haven't struck back before winter sets in.

But an assault on York itself is out of the question as far as Brigadier Sir John.R. Maynard Shaw is concerned.It would be against his prime orders of defence of the existing district and to hold as many troops in reserve for possible for future actions aswell as support on the Wall.

However his second in command Colonel Roger ‘Harry’ Ramsbottom and head of military intelligence was putting together a few plans of his own for the New Year.He has been meeting with the Earl of Mowbray(his former commanding officer in WWI) who has recently been appointed Commander of Northallerton and area under the Yorkshire District North & Coastal Command.A man who wants to 'secure' the area around his estates and eliminate threats from northern industrial areas.Besides this his Norwegian troops and his daughters cavalry unit were chomping at the bit for some action.

Ramsbottom wasn't going to get caught off guard again.Attack is the best form of defence after all.

While the LDV's,Regulars and 'Volunteers' gather round the fires plans are being drawn up.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

AVBCW not asleep but snoozing

Just to show that I haven't put down AVBCW all together while working on my two Mars projects I rushed through my Anglican League official vehicles.I put the whole force together for a photo.Three transport vans,one artillery(which you've seen before)and an attempt by the League of an armoured car with two Maxim's.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Part 4.Part 3 Operation Righteous Fist-'Bring down the bird'

The climbers reach RAF workshop vans and use grenades to spoil their paint work. This is a bad move as the armoured car spins its turret round and the gunner cuts four men down in full charge.

The mobile Vickers truck returns to the hanger firing on the troops in the trench. Explosions go off in the hanger as two men enter.

Sinister black vehicles approach the airfield. RAF troops race to the hanger but are overtaken by ‘Black Jack’s’ men. The BUF mercenaries surround the hanger .From the other side of the air strip comes Thompson fire. ‘Black Jack’ runs for the units van with its fixed Lewis gun and heads for the cliff edge. The Anglican League man is cut down by the fire as the vans hurtles towards him.

The RAF order the two men in the hanger to surrender. The two men come out firing killing some of the BUF mercenaries but are cut down. The men are bayoneted by ‘Black Jack Armitage’s’ men to the disgust of the RAF troops.

Mission failed? Well the hanger is badly damaged, two vans and men put out of action. But no plane in the hanger, no fuel destroyed and the airfield can be still be used. St.Cuthberts still in Royalist hands, air power still in place and lost troops. Failed? Not as far as the Archbishop is concerned. Yes it could have been better. Propaganda wise a gold mine. A first strike on the Royalist’s hitting deep into their believed safe territory, martyrs for the League and new money and recruits flowing into the church.

Part 3.Part 3 Operation Righteous Fist-'Bring down the bird'

Running , jumping and rolling (if you could only show this is lead ) ;) over the wire the centre group breach the defences. The climbing unit speed across the strip.

The RAF units begin to take control of the gate with Bren , Lewis and Thompson fire.

A truck based Vickers unit heads for the main gate not noticing the 7 men running towards the lightly guarded hanger. It reaches the main gate when most of the fighting is over.

Part 2.Part 3 Operation Righteous Fist-'Bring down the bird'

Two vans pull up to the gate of the airfield.Men burst from them firing on the RAF guards.A group of armed men scamble through the bushes on the wooded side of the road and head for the single strand wire.Men appear from the cliffs edge and run for the hanger.The RAF units come to alert and starts to respond.

Part 1.Part 3 Operation Righteous Fist-‘Bring down the bird’

Lots of fluff.I'll post up the full story over the next couple of evenings.

The night was cold for the men of the Dean's Recognisance Unit but they had either been born in colder climes or received their training in colder conditions. The force had hid in the woods near their target most of the day and watched the comings and goings of Royalist Army and BUF Mercs whizzing up and down the road. Now the force split into two. One section would travel by truck up the steep road of Sutton Bank the risk of running into a random armoured car patrol was great but this late at night the chance was better or so they hoped. The other section was to climb the rock itself and they would start first. They needed to be at the top before daylight.

None of them had known when they left their safe haven on another shore that they would be in the heart of North Yorkshire on a mission to destroy everyone and everything at an RAF airfield hundreds of feet above sea level. They knew one passenger plane had left earlier that day but at least four fighters(one new breed of fighter to boot), fuel, supplies ,equipment, vehicles and men were still there. Not to mention the closet they could get to BUF troops(mercenary or otherwise) in North Yorkshire to date. They like others in the Empire had volunteered to free the Motherland but most had not pasted to tuff tests to get the chance to reach Britain.
Out of the 100 men who had joined up with them only 38 had got through training, and the chance to wear the crimson beret. The others had moved on to help out in other ways or signed up to other units or factions. The money for this first 100 had been used to get a force of hardened men who could do anything they were asked behind enemy lines. Self disciplined men who could work without a tight command structure or support.

10 feet from the top they hear a sound that twists in their stomachs , plane engines. They see three bi-lanes soar above them. But no fourth plane, was it still there?

Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Anglican League soon begin to recover

The new addition to the Mobile Assault Group (MAG),God's Breath.A very Heath Robinson mobile rocket launcher.In the background you can just about make out the first of the Minster Grenadiers who will be attached to MAG in most actions.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Part 17.Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist

Finally using suppressing fire from castle based Vickers and carried Lewis guns the Royalist reach the church yard. The two remaining Archbishop’s Guards now have a decision to make. Do they die as martyrs? (the Archbishop would like this),do they try to flee with the Abbot?, or do they surrender?The last picture may give a clue.

This is now the end of Part 2 of Operation Righteous Fist.Only two months later than planned ;)I'll add the odd bit of fluff but I'm aiming to play Part 3 soon and work towards bigger battles with an explanded Anglican League.

Part 16.Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist

While two of the AL are retreating they capture a rather upset Abbot. The Forest Galtres Rangers (LDV) and Terries advance of the church from two directions. They take out a rear guard AL man with a well place grenade. More grenades are used over the hedge taking out more AL men. The advancing Royalist’s take loses but still advance on the church front wall.

Part 15.Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist

The three Mobile Assault Group men in the church yard take first blood and kill the LDV man, the Abbot flees down a side path. The cavalry take loses but still charge the barricade killing some LDV’s but are cut down by Lewis guns and rifle fire from their right flank and from their front. This halts the AL advance and the infantry fall back to St.Cuthbert’s church.

Part 14.Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist

The Anglican League forces enter the table from two directions the main force from the road and the two Archbishops Guardsman from Lovers Lane at the rear of St. Cuthbert’s. At this point they have achieved the Archbishop’s first order to reach the church. One LDV guard stands on the church door. Abbot Francis has just been preparing for a service later on in the day and both are shocked to see armed men running towards them. The cavalry turn the corner and charge a group of LDV’s stood in the rood outside the entrance of the castle. A following van stops and the League men take up position and open fire on Royalist soldiers.

What they are soon to find out is the Lord Lieutenant of the county Sir Charles Hudson is visiting his godson at the castle. A platoon of Green Howard’s territorial is assigned to him as his personal guard. This is a little more than the AL had expected.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Part 13.Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist Crayke Village.

The LDV lieutenant remembering his classics (never run from horses or you will all die) formed his men with fixed bayonets against the charging cavalry,but as they got closer and their shots didn’t hit the mark and only took down one rider and horse. He ran leaving his men most of which were his father’s estate workers to their fate.

The cavalry broke through the line with some difficulty because of heading up hill but cut down the LDV. The last two shots show the officer taking aim on the fleeing lieutenant.

I’ll post the finish of Part Two Operation Righteous Fist of the battle for St.Cuthberts and Crayke Castle on Monday evening. Then finally I can play the last part of the game then plan for a new game where I can field more of my growing Anglican League forces and get some AVBCOS/Space 1889 painting done LOL.