Friday, 21 May 2010

Postponed battle

Planned for this weekend but due to family commitments and re-enactment demands has been postponed for a fortnight. The Interwar amendments for Through Mud & Blood will be used and tested for future games.

‘Operation Righteous Fist’-A force from the Anglican League will steal out of the City of York by night on an unguarded route in civilian vehicles. Then they will attack a Royalist road block, aiming to break through quickly and head for their main target deep within Royalist territory.

Part 1 ‘Flash Fire’:
To win the first engagement they should move on to their next target with at least ¾ of their force size intact before Royalist re-enforcements arrive. They must also retain their transport to carry on their long term aim.
For the Royalist’s to win they must destroy the attacking forces, hold them until re-enforcements arrive (5 moves) or push back the assault so that the attackers lose more than ¼ of their force strength.
Secret Orders: One part of the Anglican League force has a secret objective unknown to the rest of the force and must survive intact to carry out this mission at the expense of the rest of the force.

Map brought back to the city by secret means by a local Vicar.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Space 1889,a new start ?

I've heard of Space 1889 before but,while spending alot of time on VBCW I'm thinking of trying something in addtion after my re-enactment session but in the small forces not 200+ like VBCW ;)

Monday, 10 May 2010

Here come York's Anglican League

Some of the first Archbishop's Guard and the Dean's units.The Guards in red berets,white long coats,police blue trousers and black boots.The Dean's unit in police blue jackets,LDV trousers and French style Kepi in khaki with church purple top.Renegade figures,French Marines & dismounted cavalry 24 figures in all.I've to make bases for the mounted cavalry so pics of these may be a while but I intend to do these in khaki and some other colours.9 figures and horses.