Monday, 21 June 2010

Part 7 Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist.Mill Farm

The HMG jams and the team are killed [the second LDV HMG unit they had taken out in one day.More training needed I think ;),but as they aren't trained themselves they leave it behind :( ]with all the other LDV’s, except the Lieutenant who runs as fast as he can to the Manor House to call the Castle. The remaining walking AL and their wounded take the two LDV vans and head up the road to the village and their fate singing Onward Christian Soldiers.

Part 6 Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist.Mill Farm

The other AL troops reach the far end of the road and come under fire from LDV’s but the Vickers position stops it from giving support. One group of AL move through the farm yard and attack the flank of the HMG. True to form the Archbishop’s guards who have by some miracle survived the crash, burst forth from the over turned van and fire upon any LDV in range.

Part 5 Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist.Mill Farm

The AL troops in the van reach the crossroads and are fired upon by a Vickers team and LDV’s forcing the van to over turn and coming to a stop on top of an unsuspecting LDV soldier and just missing a young Lieutenant.

Part 4 Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist.Mill Farm

The Archbishop’s Guard head forward in the van while M.A.G. move up on foot and come under fire from a lone LDV man behind the farm wall.1 1st Mobile Assault Group is killed.

Part 3 Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist.Mill Farm

Minster troops burst from the vehicle and open fire on the Royalist’s in the initial out burst the 1 LDV’s killed,3 Archbishops Guards are killed and one wounded. The fighting continues and the Guards are now supported by 1st Mobile Assault Group. Four more are LDV’s killed.

Part 2 Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist.Mill Farm

The vehicle enters, a donated Rowntrees van, coming to a halt in front of the check point. A section of AL troops enter on the North East corner of the table using the hedges as cover. The same plan as the first skirmish earlier that morning.

Part 1 Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist.Mill Farm

At about 30minutes and some 12miles from Stittenham three vans of Anglican league troops stop just before a bend on the Brandsby road. Here part 2 of the Archbishops plan comes into play. The force splits into two, one force with a donated Rowntrees van containing the remainder of Archbishops Guard volunteers and the 1st Mobile Assault Group on foot head towards Crayke. The other force is to head back to the village of Brandsby then head towards the village of Stillington and assault Crayke from the other direction.

But the Dean's Recognisance Unit have been given different orders by the Archbishop and do not intend to link up with their doomed comrades.

Unbeknown to the other troops the Archbishop has spun a tale to these men in order to get them to attack deep within the Royalist territory and martyr themselves for the ‘greater good’ and his long term plans. They had been told that Anglican League re-enforcements with Yorkist armoured support will reach them by early Monday morning and all they have to do is take St. Cuthbert’s and hold it till then.

{But this is untrue, the Yorkist’s don’t officially know of any AL actions and no re-enforcements are planned. To add to this their best trained and equipped troops have another mission elsewhere and will not support them in their attack on Crayke. In fact the attack on the LDV Forest of Galtres Rangers HQ has two purposes. First as a key part to the Archbishop’s long term plans and as a diversion to draw patrol units, Regular forces and trigger happy BUF Mercs towards the area leaving other areas without support units and thereby weakened. More on this in another game ;) }

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Part 5 of Part 1 Operation Righteous Fist

The road block is cleared and the troops mount up. AL troops dash up the road to clear any obstructions and meet up with the column as they now speed up the road. At this point another chance roll is made to see if the CMP get back in time to halt them. The AL win and they can continue with their mission.

We decided to take a further roll which we could have waited for the next game but thought now was as good a time. To see if the column reaches it’s destination without encountering an armoured patrol. Once again it was AL’s lucky day and they are set up for the next skirmish. They lost 7 (including one of the Archbishop's Guard) men & one van but still maintained enough troops to carry on to part 2 of the mini campaign.

Part 4 of Part 1 Operation Righteous Fist

The AL troops of the Eastern side now open up on the LDV and the Vickers with LMG fire pinning down the Royalist’s and giving some relief to the other AL troops. The Archbishop’s guard are fired upon by a lone LDV soldier who gets a lucky shot killing a Guard. Though he is soon dealt with by the Guards as they get through the hedge and fire on the Vickers team resulting in the HGM being knocked out. The AL on the eastern side mop up the LDV’s except one young chap at the far end of the road who runs for his life.

Part 3 of Part 1 Operation Righteous Fist

The Archbishop’s Guard head into the field to the West trying to out flank the LDV Vickers team positioned behind a wall. The AL troops which entered the game by foot proceed along the hedge line behind the vehicles. While the AL flying column troops try to inch their way towards the road block under HMG fire. LDV’s from the Northern end of the road rush to the fight.(

Part 2 of Part1 Operation Rigtheous Fist

The first vehicle enters, a Royal Mail van, coming to a halt in front of the road block. Three other vehicles follow it. A section of AL troops enter on the South East corner of the table using the hedges as cover.

Minster troops burst from the vehicles and open fire on the Royalist’s in the initial out burst the CMP sergeant is wounded and 1 of LDV’s is killed.

The Vickers HMG opens up killing 3 AL troops and setting fire to the Royal Mail van.

Part1 of 'Flash Fire' Part 1 of Operation Righteous Fist

Early on a wet and gloomy Sunday morning a convoy of civilian vehicles headed north on the Skegmer lane towards Stittenham into Royalist held territory.
The first action that takes place is a diversion to withdraw some of the Royalist troops away from the road block. The road block is manned by two sections one of LDV’S (Vale of York Rifles)and another section of CMP’s (Corp’s Military Police) which at the time was mainly recruited from the regular Guard regiments .This involves a roll to see if the action is successful.

This is and a van filled with flammable material that is ignited. This draws off 7 CMP men from the road block to investigate the explosion. One sergeant remains behind to command the position with the Vale of York Rifles LDV’s.

Archbishop waves goodbye

Late yesterday afternoon the Archbishop of York blesses his volunteers knowing full well that most won't come back.Nor should they if his strategy is to work.

More background in the run up to the game

Top Secret
FSP Report- Yorkshire District North & Coastal Command

Newspapers have been distributed in a number of areas in our sector purporting to be from the Archbishop of York the content of which is below in this report.This maybe timed to coincide with the suspected attack in the next 72 hours.

The Lamb & Sword
Your Archbishop Calls For Your Support

"Brother and Sisters in Christ. A shadow of evil has descended on this most Christian of countries. The ungodly forces of Fascism & Communism are infesting the minds of our people. We the faithful must act now as in times of old. The land must be made pure again by sword and fire so righteous men may walk in the light once more.

It is the duty of all men to take up arms against this ungodly King, his lackeys and atheist theology from the east .I call for a Holy Crusade to return England to our Lord Jesus Christ".

"The Most Revd and Rt. Hon the Lord Archbishop of York Liam Church calls all to join the

Anglican League Now!"

[Just playing around with the background again before this afternoon's bash :)]

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Run up to this weekend's game

The information of an attack planned in the next week by the AL has fallen into the hands of the FSP. The District Commander not wanting to cause alarm (nor warn the AL that the Royalist's know something is planned)has started to visit garrisons in his area under the pretence of regular inspections. He is using this to make sure these bases are prepared for an attack. However the location and time of the attack are not yet known.The FSP are working hard to find out what the target is before the attack happens.

[Shots of a side entrance of an unnamed garrison in North Yorkshire.Just something to add a little more background :) ]