Monday, 1 October 2012

Time to wave goodbye AVBCW.Recent changing and a continued snapping at my heals from a few but one person in particular and take the fun and idea of a gentlemanly game which was one of the things that attracted me in the first place.

Something from the start were far fetched even for an alternative history game but in the spirit of good gamesmanship I accepted the premise.But things like regular British forces turning on the King after swearing their oaths was something I found hard to accept just because he married a bitter old Yank.Yes if they were ordered to fire on unarmed civilivains from their own area,that made more sense to rebel.

A lot of the problem is a lot (but not all) players seem not to be able to put themselves into the mind set of the 1930's soldier.Its not the army of WW2 but a small highly trained and diciplined loyal force.

I know the main reason to want to have rebel troops.Its so you have elites to win games.A very human thing,but and it its a big but for me its real regiments we are talking about here.Real men though not named and their honour we are playing with.I tried to explain this in a transcript published of a recored conversation between two senior British Army officers who were willing to prevent the deaths of civilians by firing on Government forces should the situation get out of hand.

Regular troops would not hold back on armed rebels against the lawful King (nothing in the game makes him unlawful in the law at the time)but are highly unlikely to be as deadly & ruthless as Government (BUF) troops.

The other main factor is the idea of local games.A very attractive idea to a local history buff.A gentlemans agreement seemed to of been reached on this,but one or two weren't happy.

Their motives can be only guessed at but they went ahead and invented political forces that didn't exist in the local area.Their long term goal to control great areas for ego I guess who knows or cares now?

Either way as a game it isn't worth the unpleasentness.I don't get enough time to game as it is so what little I do needs to be maximum fun.

A good idea to start with and if your into the bigger games no doubt still fun.

Thank you to the creators for the addictive fun of collecting,painting and research you've given.To that team and the vast majority of players thank you for your gentlemanly conduct and work to promote a game that I truly believe it has years and years of life in it.Thank you also to the bloggers who took an interest in my humble work.


NB New things that have been on the back,back,back burner will replace the current blog page.The sister VSF will remain and though I'm mainly been working of building and painting things now doubt this will get put up in time...........I hope ;)