Sunday, 25 June 2017

First Hard Sci-Fi Building Project

I went to Sarissa Precision for my first hard Sci-Fi buildings. I wanted a "anywhere use" module look so they came at the top of the list online that would allow me my own look to them.

Precision is a bit of a cheek though as they took some work to fit together  until you get the hang of splitting the mdf tags in two to make them fit. Once this was done they were pretty easy o glue together. As I suspected the mdf "has a thirst" and I painted them by hand first with my trusty radiator paint with water to seal the panes on the sprues. This worked for the most but a few need another coat of spray before detailing.

Now I've had a play with the kits and future purchases will be more tailored to the projects at hand.

They will form settlements/labs etc for humans heading out into the great black unknown of the universe.

Most of the mini's for this are already bought.More than I originally planned ..... of cause I got carried away.

Now back to my VSF and its long list of jobs to finish.

Edited 17/09/17

A bit of the internal scatter and "shinny things"from Antenocitis Workshop and Blotz.

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