Saturday, 13 March 2010

Roads today Roofs Tomorrow

I got carried away with roads today while fishing out suitable wood from the garage for AVBCW game boards today.Oh yes and a prep work for a WWI war memorial with statue.I've been surfing for ideas and I think the 'take a figure and paint him bronze and put him on a plinth' is going to be the way forward.

The roads are made from thick card approx 5mm,emery paper (yes emery paper)which gives it a ashfelt surface and a little bit of shop bought grass along the edges.

I'm coming to the conclusion I either need something solid for Catterick Garrison (I have some earth works etc) or Sutton Bank Airfield (which doesn't require a concrete runway ;),but needs a tower and hangers etc.) as well as villages/market towns in my zone.

So Roof's tomorrow,then if I don't get my Scots done by the end of next weekend it's a long walk into the woods with my revolver ;)

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