Saturday, 2 October 2010

AVBCW not asleep but snoozing

Just to show that I haven't put down AVBCW all together while working on my two Mars projects I rushed through my Anglican League official vehicles.I put the whole force together for a photo.Three transport vans,one artillery(which you've seen before)and an attempt by the League of an armoured car with two Maxim's.


  1. Those are great looking trucks. Which make are they ? I could have a use for them for WWI stuff I am planning

  2. Hi Paul and thanks.They are Lledo bought off e-bay.If your after a number of them I suggest you go for a mass sale which will work out cheaper for you in the long run.After all you can resell the ones you don't want.Another tip is avoid the boxed ones as collectors charge more for them.I spent more than I wanted to for RAF and Army sets and later found out you can get them for a lot cheaper if you look hard enough.

    When you tell them you've painted them or cut them up they tend to cry;)