Monday, 20 September 2010

Part 4.Part 3 Operation Righteous Fist-'Bring down the bird'

The climbers reach RAF workshop vans and use grenades to spoil their paint work. This is a bad move as the armoured car spins its turret round and the gunner cuts four men down in full charge.

The mobile Vickers truck returns to the hanger firing on the troops in the trench. Explosions go off in the hanger as two men enter.

Sinister black vehicles approach the airfield. RAF troops race to the hanger but are overtaken by ‘Black Jack’s’ men. The BUF mercenaries surround the hanger .From the other side of the air strip comes Thompson fire. ‘Black Jack’ runs for the units van with its fixed Lewis gun and heads for the cliff edge. The Anglican League man is cut down by the fire as the vans hurtles towards him.

The RAF order the two men in the hanger to surrender. The two men come out firing killing some of the BUF mercenaries but are cut down. The men are bayoneted by ‘Black Jack Armitage’s’ men to the disgust of the RAF troops.

Mission failed? Well the hanger is badly damaged, two vans and men put out of action. But no plane in the hanger, no fuel destroyed and the airfield can be still be used. St.Cuthberts still in Royalist hands, air power still in place and lost troops. Failed? Not as far as the Archbishop is concerned. Yes it could have been better. Propaganda wise a gold mine. A first strike on the Royalist’s hitting deep into their believed safe territory, martyrs for the League and new money and recruits flowing into the church.

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