Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Operation Mitre Part 1-Boat Trip

(Ramsbottom's Raiders night time attack)

A misty night in the Vale of York is something to behold. You’re heard of a ‘Pea Souper’ but when the conditions are right you’ve lucky to find your way home. It was like this when a small pleasure craft with tarps on it slipped by the warehouses on the key on the river Ouse.Yorkist guards on the bridges didn’t know it was there as it drifted on the current of the river.

The occupants of the craft manoeuvred the rivers obstacles like men who knew the river. Down stream they started the engines again until they reached the last stretch of their journey. Then cut the motor and drifted to the side of the bank. The tarps are taken down and engine muffler removed.

Captain Quincannon without a sound gave his instructions. Six heavily armed balaclavared men moved silently up and over the bank.

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