Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Run up to this weekend's game

The information of an attack planned in the next week by the AL has fallen into the hands of the FSP. The District Commander not wanting to cause alarm (nor warn the AL that the Royalist's know something is planned)has started to visit garrisons in his area under the pretence of regular inspections. He is using this to make sure these bases are prepared for an attack. However the location and time of the attack are not yet known.The FSP are working hard to find out what the target is before the attack happens.

[Shots of a side entrance of an unnamed garrison in North Yorkshire.Just something to add a little more background :) ]


  1. Nice looking set up, seems an intersting game is in prospect, keep us updated

  2. That's not the game table(well not yet) ;),just playing around with the background fluff ;)