Sunday, 6 June 2010

Part1 of 'Flash Fire' Part 1 of Operation Righteous Fist

Early on a wet and gloomy Sunday morning a convoy of civilian vehicles headed north on the Skegmer lane towards Stittenham into Royalist held territory.
The first action that takes place is a diversion to withdraw some of the Royalist troops away from the road block. The road block is manned by two sections one of LDV’S (Vale of York Rifles)and another section of CMP’s (Corp’s Military Police) which at the time was mainly recruited from the regular Guard regiments .This involves a roll to see if the action is successful.

This is and a van filled with flammable material that is ignited. This draws off 7 CMP men from the road block to investigate the explosion. One sergeant remains behind to command the position with the Vale of York Rifles LDV’s.

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