Monday, 20 September 2010

Part 1.Part 3 Operation Righteous Fist-‘Bring down the bird’

Lots of fluff.I'll post up the full story over the next couple of evenings.

The night was cold for the men of the Dean's Recognisance Unit but they had either been born in colder climes or received their training in colder conditions. The force had hid in the woods near their target most of the day and watched the comings and goings of Royalist Army and BUF Mercs whizzing up and down the road. Now the force split into two. One section would travel by truck up the steep road of Sutton Bank the risk of running into a random armoured car patrol was great but this late at night the chance was better or so they hoped. The other section was to climb the rock itself and they would start first. They needed to be at the top before daylight.

None of them had known when they left their safe haven on another shore that they would be in the heart of North Yorkshire on a mission to destroy everyone and everything at an RAF airfield hundreds of feet above sea level. They knew one passenger plane had left earlier that day but at least four fighters(one new breed of fighter to boot), fuel, supplies ,equipment, vehicles and men were still there. Not to mention the closet they could get to BUF troops(mercenary or otherwise) in North Yorkshire to date. They like others in the Empire had volunteered to free the Motherland but most had not pasted to tuff tests to get the chance to reach Britain.
Out of the 100 men who had joined up with them only 38 had got through training, and the chance to wear the crimson beret. The others had moved on to help out in other ways or signed up to other units or factions. The money for this first 100 had been used to get a force of hardened men who could do anything they were asked behind enemy lines. Self disciplined men who could work without a tight command structure or support.

10 feet from the top they hear a sound that twists in their stomachs , plane engines. They see three bi-lanes soar above them. But no fourth plane, was it still there?

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