Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Anglican League soon begin to recover

The new addition to the Mobile Assault Group (MAG),God's Breath.A very Heath Robinson mobile rocket launcher.In the background you can just about make out the first of the Minster Grenadiers who will be attached to MAG in most actions.


  1. Nice, nothing like a do it yourself rocket launcher to start the day with a bang!

  2. Cheers,
    Help very DIY,one day it may blow up with a chance card ;)

    Being in the heart of Yorkist power most equipment and especially heavy equipment will be under their control.So the AL in York are forced to find things elsewhere.Hence imported/smuggle French small arms and equipment but no manafactured armour or artillery.So Dads army giant firecrackers ;)

  3. Nice addition to the forces. Kudos for the creativity of your Anglican forces.