Monday, 11 June 2012

The News Breaks

The Lamb & Sword Archbishop Kidnapped! We live in some of the darkest days of our countries history but last night its darkest hour took place. Our beloved Archbishop was forcibly removed from his bed in the early hours from the Archbishops palace by fiendish devils. This Saintly man was roughly handled by a gang of Royalist criminals believed to be recently released from goal. Leaving by boat he was taken North into the evil clutches false Kings territory. Many brave men laid down their lives to defend the palace but these gangsters used the most caddish behaviour to fight our boys. The Dean with Major General Ambrose have pledged that the Archbishop will be returned unharmed within the week at all costs. All the forces of the Minster have been brought to alert and volunteers are flooding in as this news sheet goes to press. The People of York calls for Yorkist troops to join their brothers in arms to reinstate the honour of the city to be renewed. Senior officers have met with senior Yorkist officers to discus the Archbishops rescue. A statement from the Dean calls all able bodied men to sign up to the League ”I call all brothers in Christ to lend aid to free our beloved Archbishop”. “We shall bring Holy Retribution on the heads of these ungodly men”. This action can not go unpunished. All men of moral virtue must take up arms against these evil men. If you believe in God, in Justice and the Law join the Anglican League Now.” From our beloved The Most Revd and Rt. Hon the Lord Archbishop of York Liam Church calls all to join the Anglican League Now!

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