Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rescue the Archbishop! Part1

First the fluff.

Part 1

Agents report that the Archbishop is currently being held in Sutton Hall in Sutton of Forest by the Royalist Field Security Police (FSP) and all of the available Vale of York Rifles. But soon will be transported to Northallernton and then Catterick Garrison.

As the light of the morning touched the towers of York Minster the sounds of man and vehicles could be heard outside the Minster quarter. Troops running out of their barracks to waiting vans and trucks. White, Blue and Brown uniforms being squeezed in to these transports while the figures of the Dean of the Minster with his red beret and pith helmeted Major General Ambrose could be seen on the steps of the North Gate. Sounded my officers giving their orders for the day ahead.

Only one officer was missing the old armed French Colonel Jean Dulac Danjou who was in command the loading of the convoy. A man who only followed one order “Advance”! As soon as the last soldier was on board he blow a whistle. Ambrose looked up folded his map and calmly finished his speech “Gentlemen what we do today will justify all the work and sacrifice that our organisation has worked towards” “No one can say God is not with us this day” “Dismissed!”

At this the officers ran to their connivances and the Dean and the Major General took their seats. The convoy headed North as members of the public woken by the noise and confuse Yorkist Troops standing at the other side of the road in their zone of influence.

The village of Sutton of Forest-Sutton Hall.

The battle.

The forces of the Archbishop make their first assault on the village of Sutton on Forest from the South led by the 1st Mobile Assault Group supported by a foot detachment of the Dean’s Recognisance Unit. The mobile multi rocket launcher “God’s Breath” opens up aiming at the Hall’s compound.

From the East the Archbishop’s Guard and the Minster Grenadiers enter the village in postal vehicles and on foot.

Played earlier this year ,only now found the time to right up the ARR from notes and edit the pics.More will come over time.
[For purses of the game the low wall around the Hall is counted as the real wall of 15ft high and can not be fired over or climbed with ladders. Only artillery can travel over the wall. The game will end once the Archbishop is rescued  or after Royalist armoured support reaches the village.]

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