Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rescue the Archbishop.Part 2

Part 2

The 1st Mobile Assault Group charge at high speed toward the road block and pill box. With both maxims blazing Billy Gill mounted on the roof of his van sends hot lead to the pill box.

On the East side of the village the Anglican League are brought  to a holt after running down the local LDV Royalists and are fired upon by a sniper on the Church tower.

The Mag break trough but lose a van. Some of the D.R.U. charge the LDV’s in yard of a farm labourers cottages over a hedge near a mine field.

Another detachment of D.R.U. led by their field commander Major D.Tennant assault across the fields direct into the Hall’s gardens.


  1. Good photo and a great report there chap. Looks like tons of fun was had.

  2. Thank you Sir.I wish I had the time to put more time in.