Sunday, 15 August 2010

Part 13.Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist Crayke Village.

The LDV lieutenant remembering his classics (never run from horses or you will all die) formed his men with fixed bayonets against the charging cavalry,but as they got closer and their shots didn’t hit the mark and only took down one rider and horse. He ran leaving his men most of which were his father’s estate workers to their fate.

The cavalry broke through the line with some difficulty because of heading up hill but cut down the LDV. The last two shots show the officer taking aim on the fleeing lieutenant.

I’ll post the finish of Part Two Operation Righteous Fist of the battle for St.Cuthberts and Crayke Castle on Monday evening. Then finally I can play the last part of the game then plan for a new game where I can field more of my growing Anglican League forces and get some AVBCOS/Space 1889 painting done LOL.

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