Monday, 16 August 2010

Part 14.Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist

The Anglican League forces enter the table from two directions the main force from the road and the two Archbishops Guardsman from Lovers Lane at the rear of St. Cuthbert’s. At this point they have achieved the Archbishop’s first order to reach the church. One LDV guard stands on the church door. Abbot Francis has just been preparing for a service later on in the day and both are shocked to see armed men running towards them. The cavalry turn the corner and charge a group of LDV’s stood in the rood outside the entrance of the castle. A following van stops and the League men take up position and open fire on Royalist soldiers.

What they are soon to find out is the Lord Lieutenant of the county Sir Charles Hudson is visiting his godson at the castle. A platoon of Green Howard’s territorial is assigned to him as his personal guard. This is a little more than the AL had expected.

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