Friday, 6 August 2010

Battle next weekend

Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist.Crayke Village

Hopefully this battle will take place next weekend (14th-15th).We plan to play it in two parts(must get more beer in then) over two days.Part 1 entry into the village and the assult on the steep hill,then part two if the AL survive part 1 the assult on the main target of St.Cuthbert's and the castle.We've agreed on some suprises allowed to make it alittle bit more fair for the out numbered AL.

Then after August and most of the re-enactment season part 3 the final part of Operation Righteous Fist which will involve the force which split away from the village assult force in the earlier game.These troops (if you've been following so far) on a mission of their own which I'll share after the game.


  1. Looking forward to hearing how this ends (with spilt tea I expect;)) I've been meaning to ask where do you get your vehicles from?

  2. Cars,vans and trucks are Lledo models from e-bay.I bought them from large lots which work out cheaper in the long run.