Sunday, 15 August 2010

Part 12.Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist Crayke Village.

The besieged league men in the garage can’t move because of the HMG and LDV re-enforcements are approaching the building.

[At this point my opponent Lee allowed me to add new troops to give a little more chance to the out numbered AL.I should also point out that -2 was added to the forces heading up hill to St. Cuthberts, but troops moving down hill also were given -1.You can easily lose control running down the hill in real life because its so steep. The advantage really matters when you are holding a position against moving foes. ]

The defenders of the garage hear a noise of a bugle and think they are going made but soon they see the pennant of the 1st Minster Horse with sabres drawn[Another attempt to balance the game and introduction of new troops is that the horse troop have been disarmed by a Yorkist check point in order to let an unauthorised ‘training’ excursion go through. They carry their carbines but no rounds] these hot headed riders head up the hill taking the Vickers gun out and round on the down would LDV. These chaps had heard a special mission was on and didn’t want to miss out and without permission had left York by a different route and headed toward St.Cuthberts.

At the sight of the flashing sabres the LDV turned and ran back up the hill, now followed by the infantry as well. These men are quickly called back by they SGT and told to get into the vans with rather colourful language.

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