Sunday, 15 August 2010

Part 9. Part 2 Operation Righteous Fist Crayke Village.

The vans pull up by Johnson’s Garage as they see a Vickers HMG on the corner of the t-junction opposite the Durham Ox pub at the foot of the second raise of the hill. The gunner thinks this a little odd as military fuel is held elsewhere but they are LVD trucks so no need to worry. Now out of view of the Royalist’s the League troops dismount from their borrowed carriages and split into two.
The remaining Mobile Assault Group (6 men) take up position in the Garage while the remnant of the section of the Archbishop’s Guard (4 men, one wounded) head back down the road on foot to use Key Lane to get up the hill above the LDV position. The only local knowledge of the village depends on the SGT of this unit, son of the last Methodist preacher in the village. After the phone call from Crayke Manor informing of the assault 6 men are heading down hill from the castle to support the check point. The LDV are coming to full alert at the castle. (06,09,)

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